Sports massage is a massage technique which goes beyond pain relief as well as promoting relaxation. This massage helps to boost performance and prevents injury. Along with this, it helps the body in recovering from pains and injuries that are mainly related to physical activity. Sports activities are repetitive, especially for athletes, weightlifters, racquet players and cyclists. This sports massage helps in releasing muscle tension. It also helps in promoting the tissue repair and maintain the muscle balance which in turn greatly benefits the player in his or her next workout.

When an athlete gets the sports massage, his or her entire body release endorphins. The main benefit of sports massage is its potential to target muscle-tendon junctions. Heavily exercised muscles lose the ability to relax. This leads to muscle tightness and ultimately loss flexibility. When a muscle loses flexibility, it leads to muscle soreness which can cause pain. This is where the sports massage is required.

Moreover sports massage helps to improve the performance of an athlete and speedy recovery. Following are the benefits of sports massage:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Speedy recovery
  • Gives ultimate relaxation
  • Boosts the capacity to perform better
  • Helps to protect from external and internal injuries.

Our Speciality

  • Our ayurvedic therapies relax the muscles, reduce the excessive toxins and improve the immunity.
  • We use herbal products which are free fro0m all sorts of chemicals and these things help to give the therapeutic effect to the body.
  • We are extremely supportive with our clients and we make sure to provide the best spa experience in their lives.